Squid Fear City Branded Art

Squid Fear City or SFC is the tag name of this Pop-Art Graffiti Style.  Jessica’s every day journey has created a joyful, bold, innocent, and unique world that tries to fight of the influence of an unrelenting reality.


As we outgrow our childhood, life gets complicated and lines of reality become blurred.  Love, happiness, sadness, or anger.  Color plays a pivotal role in SFC’s art.  This element creates the allure of a childlike innocence but when you step back you get a glimpse into her world.  A world of organized chaos.  A world that deals with mature thematic elements of life by putting a face to the enigmatic intangibility of human emotions.


As you visually peel back the layers of her art you will gain access to Squid Fear City-where what you see on the surface is only the beginning.