Carmen Art Gallery

Carmen Art Gallery. Carmen is a still-life and figurative Art Style.  Whether you love to take a lot of photographs or store special moments in your mind.  The ability to relieve those moments is the breath of life.  Her thematic pieces center around creating a memory we can all share by exploring the beauty of nature or the human figure.  Carmen aims to capture the vulnerability, tranquility, and transformative nature of life.

The Name Carmen means “God’s garden”.  Bringing about the beauty of life around us is Carmen’s Goal.  She wishes to create beautiful art that reflects “HIS” garden by creating lovely, colorful, and lively art that also evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility.

“As an artist, finding your muse is important.  The goal is to reach a peaceful state of mind while still having a focused mind.  I will often visit local botanical gardens or beaches to acclimate my mind with nature.  The challenge then becomes talking the sights, sounds, and even smells to produce a single sensory experience-sight.” – Carmen

In an increasingly digital world, Carmen will often find herself thinking, is this painting better than a photograph?  Photography will have elements a painting will lack and vice-a-versa. Often, the soul or “the feeling of the image” is lost in a photograph. It takes real talent to put a piece of your soul into a machine made image.  Photographers who can manage that are truly talented.  However,  a painting is different.  Everything you are thinking, feeling, and/or pondering comes out through the strokes, color, and composition of a painting.  As you improve your craft, a larger part of your soul is translated into the art and eventually you make a masterpiece that will reach out and touch another person’s soul – Carmen Branded Art.